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A little about me 

Hi there! I'm Saranya, a passionate architect with 5 years of experience, who thrives on applying design thinking to create immersive and human-centric experiences, both in digital and spatial narratives. With a solid foundation in architecture and a year-long exploration of user experience design, I bring a unique perspective that seamlessly integrates both disciplines.

Some cool things that I have done over the precious years:






Successfully pitched a sustainable SaaS product to a 100-member audience and won the People's Choice award in the competition

Led and grew a sustainability club with 90 members during my college year

Facilitated design thinking and SDG education workshops for various groups

Experience in executing multidisciplinary design projects from the ground up

Achieved recognition for my skills in Interactive Mural Art by winning an International competition

When I'm away from my trusty computer, I sketch visuals to my favorite song lyrics, play badminton, attend art events and delve into books about the human mind - because what's more fascinating than the crazy things that go on inside our heads?

If you're seeking an architect who can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex design challenges. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together!

My Journey to Making a Difference 🌎

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