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Pixel Wall - An Interactive Wall Mural

Project Type

Tools & Software

International Design Competition - Winning Entry (2019)

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Sketchup

  • V-ray & Enscape

Project Brief

The competition brief required the creation of a graffiti wall in a public area of Vijayawada, India, designed to improve interaction among visitors. The wall had to embody the concept of Sacred Geometry, be visually appealing, and engage users.

Research - Concept

I started the design process by researching the concept of Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry represents the fundamental structure and template of life in the universe, expressed through mathematical language that governs our visible and invisible world. The geometric archetypes symbolize the interconnected relationship between all forms, embodying the idea of oneness.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life, a profound pattern found globally, is said to hold the "blueprint of creation" represented by the Platonic Solids, the five perfect 3D forms - tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron - derived from the Flower of Life.

Sacred Geometry

Mood board contain images of Sacred Geometry in nature, different culture and its derived forms


Following the research phase, I brainstormed different ways to create an interactive mural wall that would facilitate discussion among visitors, rather than simply serving as 2D artwork. After considering various options, I determined that incorporating QR codes into the design would provide a means for visitors to engage. These QR codes would link to entertainment websites, offering users an interactive experience.


After the ideation phase, I visualized the Mural wall design in 3 layers. Each layer was looking at unique aspects such as Sacred Geometry, Interactivity, dynamism, and aesthetics. 


Layer 1 - Wall Pattern

For the first layer, I worked with different iterations to derive an aesthetically pleasing pattern design for the wall.

After a few more iterations, the final pattern for the wall was created by abstracting the basic ideas of sacred geometry by deriving the platonic solid form from the flower of life pattern. This basic form was manipulated and scaled to reflect the basic concepts of microcosm and macrocosm. The basic forms are oriented and positioned in such a way as to break the monotony of the pattern and create randomness.

Layer 2 - Interactive Wall

Layer 2.png

For the second layer of the wall QR codes will be painted on the surface, enabling the users to actively engage and interact with the wall. The wall also acts as a medium of display, play, and branding both in virtual and physical reality.

Layer 3 - Three Dimensional Geometry & Play of Colours

For the third layer, the pattern on the wall is designed to be in 3D, to enhance the user's perception of the space and to help the user perceive the space in a different way every time they visit the space. The pattern also breaks the monotonous feel of the space and created dynamism in the space. Contrasting colors are used to enhance the dynamic feel of the space and to make the wall an Instagram-able space.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme.png

Mural Design

Design Element.png

Highly contrasting hues are used on the wall to create a dynamic effect on the pattern and the geometric pattern with the colors will act as a backdrop for the events happening at the open-to-sky theatre and also for the purpose of photography making the space multi-functional and Instagram-able.

The basic form is juxtaposed and repeated to create a 3d pattern.

The QR codes are embedded in the mural, which allows the user to interact with the wall and also acts as a medium with which the user can play, access information on the internet.


The concept was chosen as the competition's top submission, and design plans were given to the organisers for the mural's installation at the location.

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